British Rule in Florida

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The British were not good rulers because they had only ruled for 20 years, while Spain had dominated Florida for over 288 years. The British were weak, the only reason they got Florida was because they were teamed with the French. This of course was before the Treaty of Paris. In 1672 the British had captured Havana but the use of it was nothing. Many of the British territories had recruiting programs that were not hard to like.
Also when the British were working for good times luck was not there for them. Crops died within the first few months of their new colony. Also more diseases had really hurt the British. Diseases as in mosquito bites that cause malaria. For some colonists British times were very hard. This was a big reason why progress of being able to run the old U.S. was so hard. Many of the survivors were still tired and usually very weak.
Sometimes the British did not want to work because of harsh conditions, so they would get slaves to work for them. Also during this British rule there was also a lot of indian tribes at the time. When they gained power of Florida they had divided the territory into 2 parts. One side was East Florida and the other was West Florida. East Florida was the largest importation of white settlers at the time. As you can see from what i have so far there was really no big significant things that they had accomplished. Besides of course taking over Florida. When British had taken over Florida some of the actual colonists were Floridians.
In 1767 the British expanded West Florida. They had expanded Florida to the mouth of the Yazoo
Collazo 2 river, east of the Chattahoochee river. Around the same...

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...growing crops or anything. It seems like Spain had problems with more people outside that were looking in. Some of the crops that survived were not even matched to the quality in other colonies. There was also many colonists mad at the way things were going so they had to get slaves to do a lot of work for the colony to help make things right even though in the long run nothing had really worked out for the British. Soon after most colonist died from diseases many moved out of the settlement and went to St. Augustine for safety away from the old British settlement.
The two Floridas had remained loyal through the revolutionary war. Soon after the Revolutionary war the British war would come to an end and the power would be back in the Spanish hands. In the second rule for the Spanish they did not rule as long as they had in previous years. Also this time the
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