British Imperialism

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Germany’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is $3 235 billion per capita in comparison to Tanzania’s GDP of $800 per person. This statistic represents the economic impact of European imperialism on Tanzania’s economy in comparison to Germany. The impact of the European countries on their various colonies or former colonies, such as Canada, was based on the early idea of imperialism. The main goals of imperialism were to increase the empire’s standards of living, discover and gain new territory with natural resources. In addition to these goals, Europe wanted to find a solution to Europe’s over population and encourage slave trade. Many legacies especially social legacies affect how people live their lives to this day. European colonists cleared the natural resources out of the Congo which lead to the Congo’s current problems with money in the economy. British imperialism disrupted many First Nations communities in Canada, where they destroyed many cultures and communities. European imperialism did not just impact the economy of India but also the cultures and traditions of the indigenous that inhabited India. European imperialism has a very destructive effect on the economy of many of its colonies, but also has disrupted many cultures and social legacies that affect people today. Economic Legacies in the Congo Imperial competition has robbed many countries of their natural resources and has led to a devastating downturn in Congo’s economy. In the 1880’s King Leopold of Belgium sparked the scramble for Africa by claiming all the lands by the Congo River. Leopold had forced many Indigenous people to give up their land and work by harvesting rubber. He treated the Indigenous people as they were his personal property. When people reali... ... middle of paper ... ...irst Nations and they got compensated with money, reserves and special rights. There were First Nation groups that would not let the Europeans claim their lands. One example of a group that got assimilated was the Beothuk. The Beothuk was a group that tried to drive away the Europeans but the Europeans began hunting and killing them. The Beothuk got driven inland and had had no source of fishing. The Beothuk died of starvation or European diseased which wiped out an entire civilization. The destruction of the Beothuk leads to the disappearance of traditions, cultural values and beliefs of an entire group of people. Having no documentation of existence that would be understood, the history and culture would not be passed down to another generation and be continued. The effect of European imperialism has had a very negative effect upon the First Nations of Canada
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