British Government's Sending of Troops into Northern Ireland in 1969

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British Government's Sending of Troops into Northern Ireland in 1969

The troubles in Ireland go as far back as 1169 when the British first

went over there under the command of Henry II. Henry II got

permission from the Pope to invade Ireland because he believed that

Ireland was developing its own form of Roman Catholicism. Since then

British people have been living in Ireland, and this has caused

conflict between the British and the Irish because the Irish Catholics

didn’t like living under Protestant rule. The Protestants often

treated the Catholics very unfairly. One example of this is a policy

called plantation. This policy was to cause serious long-term

consequences. Plantation involved giving loyal Protestant supporters

land that had been forcibly taken from the Catholics. This practice

was made easier in 1609 when the earl of Tyrone’s rebellion was

defeated and 90 leading Ulster land owners fled their land enabling

King James I to ‘plant’ his followers in their land. This caused great

resentment among the Catholic population of Ulster.

There was yet another rebellion in 1641 against British rule and

about 12000 Protestants were killed. This rebellion was ended in 1649

when Oliver Cromwell defeated the Catholic rebels in the towns of

Wexford and Drogheda this resulted in thousands of Catholics being

killed and 11 million acres of land being taken from the Catholics.

Cromwell continued the policy of plantation, and at the time of his

death very little land was still owned by the Catholics.

After Cromwell’s death the troubles in Ireland continued when a new

King James II was appointed. James II was a Catholic and wanted to


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... the violence. However, in my opinion the main factor

which lead to the British army being sent to Northern Ireland in 1969

were the government policies such as gerrymandering which caused the

Catholic community to be given poor housing and jobs, which in turn

caused them to protest about the treatment they were receiving from

local councils which would end up in violence which was mostly started

by the Protestants and then this violence would be dealt with by a

biased police force who could not keep the peace and would just end up

contributing to the violence by taking the side of the Protestants.

So in conclusion it is my opinion that the government policies in

Northern Ireland after 1922 and the partition of Ireland is a

long-term problem that resulted in the deployment of troops by the

British government in 1969.
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