British Evangelists: Smith Wigglesworth

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Smith Wigglesworth was a young motivated child who did what he could to help his family on a daily basis. He was born June 8, 1859 Menston, Yorkshire, England His father did manual labor for low pay. So at age six he began working pulling turnips and at age seven he began to work at a woolen mill for 12 hour days. Also, as a young boy he was really interested in God and being a follower of Christ. Just wanting to learn and pray to strengthen his relationship that he was very excited about. Because his parents weren’t really into going to church and praying on a daily basis. His grandmother is the one who exposed him to Christianity and he was very thankful for that. He attended a meeting with his grandmother as a child and he heard a song being sung about “Jesus and the lamb”.
His decision to believe Christ for his salvation was decided that day. He was immediately filled with the desire to evangelize and led his own mother to Christ. Smith has been to many different church’s growing up in his time. He began at an Episcopal Church and then at the age thirteen he attended the Weslyan Methodist church. Once he was sixteen he started working at a Salvation Army and was doing very well there. At that time, he felt a real strong desire to fast, and pray for lost souls. There were some meetings where he explains people were praying, fasting and just worshipping God for a whole twenty four hours. That is how powerful God was working in that place and was blessing those who were present and faithful to what they all were doing. At age 18 though is when he left the mill and started working as a plumber.
He then moved along to Liverpool when he was twenty and continued to work during the day and minister during his free time. For some...

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...ching the word of God and help saving lives. A lot of things would not have been done if it wasn’t for Smith concerning things that happened around him, and how he impacted everyone’s life that he came in contact with up until he passed away.
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