Britain's illegal drugs

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It has been said that illegal drug use should be used for a public health issue rather than a criminal justice issue. Criminalising drug user’s is wrong when they are having medical issues and they need the drug for their health. Also criminalising the drug causes more harm than good. At the same time, researchers say that it is to hard and dangerous to change the law, especially when there is a big difference in the government between legalization and reclassification. While many believe it is okay to treat illegal drugs as a medical problem, others feel that illegal drug use is automatically connected with criminal behavior. Although researchers show a number of social, psychological, and cultural factors that can be used to identify people who are at risk of being drug users. Due to that, researchers have said it was time to consider drug use more as a health issue rather than a criminal issue. It’s been said that individuals should be dependent by treatment, but making sure that law enforcement still pays attention to drug trafficking and supplying and still protects the community and society. The relationship between drugs and crime are said to be definite cause and effect factors and are convincing at the first glance. Many that are associated with drugs even commit violent crime which is called a psychopharmacological link and can be used as a mental health issue. A fact of reasons for criminal activity and violence are beyond drugs themselves. Even though the psychopharmacological model can’t explain why most of the drug users do not commit crimes and there is little evidence between the crime and violence of the link, we still apply negative labels to illegal drug users who would probably rather be labeled as a drug...

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