Britain And Imperialism Essay

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When it comes to imperialism and colonialism, Great Britain is a major employer of the two concepts. Though, at one point in history many regions of the influential country was ruled over by another. The entity which ruled over the kingdoms of England and Wales for over four centuries was the Holy Roman Empire. Julius Caesar was ruling over the Roman provinces of Gaul, (now modern day France, Belgium, and parts of Germany), as governor and military commander. After his campaign against the Germanic tribes attacking Gaul, Caesar turned his attention toward Britain. While Gaul was still out of Roman control, the kingdoms of Britain assisted Gaul in their fight against the Romans. “Therefore, in August of the year 55 BC, Caesar along with two…show more content…
Saxons from Germany began to assault and plunder the coasts of Britain, The Saxon’s raids start small and were easily defeated, but in 286 AD one group seized power over Britain for a decade until Emperor Constantius invaded and retook Britain. Back under Roman control, the people of Britain lived peacefully and began to prosper again. A few decades past and the Western Roman Empire went into economic and political decline. In 367 AD the Scots joined with the Saxons and began to raid Britain, but the Romans were able to keep order. The raids were contained until Roman soldiers began to be withdrawn in 383 AD and the raiding grew worse. The last of the Roman troops left in 407 and the Romano-Celts were left to defend themselves. “Roman Britain split into separate kingdoms but the Romano-Celts continued to fight the Saxon raiders.Roman civilization slowly broke down. In the towns people stopped using coins and returned to barter. The populations of towns were already falling and this continued. Rich people left to be self-sufficient on their estates. Craftsmen went to live in the countryside. More and more space within the walls of towns was giving over to growing crops. Roman towns continued to be inhabited until the mid-5th century. Then most were abandoned. Some may not have been deserted completely. A small number may have…show more content…
It affected our language, our culture, our geography, our architecture and even the way we think. Our island has a Roman name, its capital is a Roman city and for centuries the language of our religion and administration was a Roman one.”(Ibeji) The Romans are viewed as a monolithic dictator that imposed itself on an unwilling people and dictated how they lived,worshiped and spoke. Though, the Romans brought order and a unity to England and Wales that had never been seen before. They also did not make completely abolish the religion of the people of Britain, but instead merged their religion with the Romans religion. ‘Yet perhaps Rome 's most important legacy was not its roads, nor its agriculture, nor its cities, nor even its language, but the bald and simple fact that every generation of British inhabitant that followed them - be they Saxon, Norman, Renaissance English or Victorian - were striving to be Roman. Each was trying to regain the glory of that long-lost age when Britannia was part of a grand civilisation, which shaped the whole of Europe and was one unified
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