Bringing Them Home Report Essay

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The Bringing Them Home Report (the Stolen Generation), is a very important topic which allowed a sense of freedom for Indigenous Australian people. The changes in the law, made all Indigenous Aboriginal people apart of the census. The Aboriginal people were considered as ‘people’ after events such as the ‘Freedom Riders’ and ‘The day of Protest and Mourning’. The ‘Bringing Them Home Report’ is the title given to the inquiry of stolen generations of the Indigenous Aboriginal people of Australia. The Australian government were reluctant towards the Indigenous Aboriginal people of Australia. The Government were afraid that the Indigenous Aboriginals would try and take over the government, due to the violence that was happening between the white people and Aboriginal people. On the 13th of February 2008 Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologized to all Indigenous Aboriginal people past, present and future. For the mistreatment, pain and suffering which Indigenous Aboriginal people had to endure ( -…show more content…
Pregnant women avoided being seen by government officials and families tried hiding their children in local farms or places around the house. Parents and communities begged for the children not to be taken away, authorities would dismiss their appeals and would continue to take children. Anyone who tried to stop the taken of children would be bashed and abused, the abuse would be anything for racial abuse, sexual abuse (rape) and emotional abuse. The authorities were defiantly in the wrong, but no one would listen to the aboriginal parents or elders who had been abused by authorities. Aboriginal at this time were still treated like ‘scum’ they didn’t have any human rights and the government weren’t thinking of changing the rights for Aboriginals anytime
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