Brief History of Charlemagne or Charles the Great

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Born into royalty, Charlemagne always knew what it was like to live the luxurious life. His parents who were devoted to God and religion immediately introduced him to Christianity. His father being King of the Franks granted him the title as soon as he came of age. Once Carloman, Charlemagne’s brother, died and failed to fulfill his duties as king, Charlemagne took over his place. This decision making him not only leader of one kingdom, but two. Throughout his lifetime he inspired others, and had converted many citizens to become Christians. Even though he had his fair share of victorious battles, one in crucial expedition caused pandemonium throughout the kingdom. Charlemagne is not an epic hero, because he was not successful with the call he received, and failed millions of people including himself.
Being brought to this world, Charlemagne’s parents, Betrada of Laon and Pepin the Short, already had a fond love of religion. They had always been true devoted Christians, and seeked God for guidance. Having their first born son, they knew it was essential to introduce their son to religion. Therefore at an early age Charlemagne learned about the importance of believing in something strongly. Charlemagne being the oldest out of three sons gave him a sense of leadership and value. Having being the oldest gives him more responsibility and awareness, these being traits that will be needed in the future. According to Manuel Komroff, “King Pepin had given his sons the best education placing them in the Palace school, where many educated instructors were there who had come from special training” (Komroff 14). Komroff maintains, “In result Charlemagne could say and express whatever he wanted in the most fluent way, while he a...

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...hat use to bring joy to his heart. He begins to focus more of time with his children and do the same hobbies he grew to love with his friends. Activities such as fishing and hunting with close friends and family members occurred during his days. He became more intact with his religion and focused on converting more people into Christianity and making sure before eh passes the one thing he is truly devoted to lives on. Now that his sons all have the title to the throne he makes sure that he trains them more and more each day so they could all three become great leaders and rulers. Charlemagne’s decisions and actions may not have always been wise but were just enough to satisfy many citizens that lived among his kingdom. One thing nobody will forget about him is he not only makes decisions for his own benefits, but he makes sure that others are benefited as well.

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