Brief History Of Door Locks

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Description: The set of hardware can be categorized into two groups: the hinges and door support and the handle, locking mechanism, and key. The general size of the hardware suggests a door slightly larger than that of the standard exterior door common today in America (normally three feet by six and three-quarters feet), but not a door of enormous size. The styles of hinges presented are known in modern terms as strap hinges, where two long and narrow leaves, roughly the same approximate size, are attached in the center by one knuckle, which usually has a bolt or pin in the cylindrical overlays in the knuckle. Essentially this style is still used, but instead of narrow leaves, hinges nowadays have rectangular leaves. The door support is a round bowl that sits on the ground to keep the door from sliding out of place and correctly pivoting on its axis. The locking mechanism uses what is called a tumbler system, where a key is inserted and turned, causing either pins or rollers to be pushed, and the locking mechanism is either activated or deactivated. The door handles are similar si...
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