Brief Description Of The Client

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Brief Description of the Client Melissa Johnson is a 41-year-old woman, divorced and lives in an apartment with her 8 children. She has been living at the Del Sol Apartments in Sunnyside, WA with her children for about 7 years now. She has a female dog, the yorkie breed named Skittles, which is 2 year-old, Melissa says Skittles is too much to handle, but the children love her. Assessment of Client-in-Situation Micro Melissa has been divorced for 3 years now, ever since she was pregnant with her last child named Jane. Melissa rarely leaves her home because she loves being with her children. Melissa cooks and also cleans her home and maintains it very clean even though she has 8 kids running around. She recently was hired at Macy’s with a full-time job. Melissa’s older son Jason 18-year-old has had a part-time job since the age of 16, at McDonalds. John Harley, Melissa’s ex husband was the one that brought the income to their home, about $35,000 a year. John did not like the idea that he was the only one that would make the most money to enter the household. Melissa had a home job where she would make flower arrangements and sale them for a good price. Melissa with the little money she made every day kept food on the table. After John divorced Melissa, Jason decided to go out and find a job because he knew that with the little money his mom made with her flower arrangements and working at Macy’s was not going to be enough to pay the rent, bills and keep food on the table for a family of 9 members. Melissa and her family are very healthy because they get their check-up every year and everything is always good news, the kids are 100% healthy. Melissa has been seeing the same clinic since she was pregnant with her first child abo... ... middle of paper ... like her second family because they have tried and helped her out in the best way possible with food that was donated to church. The support group that Melissa was teaching set up a fund raiser to help her with her expenses. At the fund raiser they were selling baked goods and having a car wash, Melissa’s children were helping out. Melissa thanked everyone, with the help of the fund raiser they helped paid one more month for her rent and have food on the table to last for a while. Melissa was very thankful because she knew that “God was guiding me through this tough time and now I know he will bring us up from the ground”. Melissa did not know how to thank everyone that was involved with the great achievement, so she wrote everyone a thank you card to thank everyone for their corporation and let them know that they are the best support group that she has ever had.
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