Brief Commentary on Jane Austen´s Pride and Prejudice

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Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice depicts the complex relationship of Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Mister Fitzwilliam Darcy. These two characters come from contrasting upbringings. Elizabeth is a charming and witty young lady, and the favorite daughter of a gentleman, who in danger of losing his entailed estate. Mister Darcy is a prestigious gentleman who grew up in a rich home and refuses to settle for anything below his standards. From the moment these two seemingly-contrasting people meet, their relationship is strained by their personal pride and their prejudice against each other. Mr. Darcy’s pride keeps him from accepting and admitting his love for Elizabeth; Elizabeth’s prejudice closes her eyes to Mr. Darcy’s better attributes. As soon as Mr. Darcy enters the Netherfield Ball, he is described as handsome and tall, but his pride undermines others from seeing his better qualities. When inquired by his friend, Mr. Bingley, as to why he was not dancing with any of the women in the room, Mr. Darcy simply states that none of the women meet his standards. Mr. Darcy denies Bingley’s offer to introduce him to the very pretty and agreeable Elizabeth Bennet, and says, “She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me...”. Elizabeth overhears, and is astonished by Mr. Darcy’s impoliteness towards her. Elizabeth later explains to her dear friend, Charlotte Lucas, “I could have easily forgive his pride if he had not mortified mine.” Some time later, the two again met at another ball held at Lucas Lodge. Due to her prejudice, Elizabeth fervently believed that Mr. Darcy only looked upon her for the sake of finding more imperfections or flaws that would make him dislike her. However, on this second meeting Mr. Darcy’s eyes wer... ... middle of paper ... point, her feelings begin to change. Over time and much thought, she starts to gradually develop feelings for Mr. Darcy. These feelings reach their peak after Lydia’s elopement with Mr. Wickham. ELizabeth discovers that Mr. Darcy stepped in and convinced Wickham to do the respectful thing and marry Lydia, and even obtains a position in the Northern Regiment for him. Love slips into Elizabeth’s gratitude towards Mr. Darcy, and she soon realizes her affection for him. A first impression has a larger impact than most people realize. The story of Pride and Prejudice wonderfully gives a clear picture of how a man or woman’s pride may cause rejection from others, and another’s prejudice to cause restrictions from learning the full story. Yet, when those factors are set aside, a relationship like Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s can develop and turn into something beautiful.

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