Brief Canadian History

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1. As the government of Canada was taking its first steps as a united country after confederation it was eying a vast amount of land which is now part of the Canadian prairies and Manitoba. The Canadian government was interested in Rupert’s land because Canada wanted to expand from sea to sea (A Mari Usque Ad Mare) therefore accomplishing sir MacDonald vision for a bigger better Canada. One of the main reasons why Canada was eager to buy Rupert’s land was because good farmable land was scarce in Ontario. In addition many settlers were thinking of moving toward the west (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba) the Canadian government was ecstatic about this because it was like hitting two birds with one rock why? Provided Canada was afraid of the American expansion toward the north. Lest, it wanted settlers to settle in the west therefore claim it for Canada. When Macdonald found out that settlers were interested in moving to the west he wanted them to settle as soon as possible and preferably before their neighbours. However, Rupert’s land was in the way and it was up for sell from the once powerful Hudson’s Bay Company whom controlled the area. In conclusion the British fur trade giant had been in decline for years and now it was up for grabs. The Canadians were afraid of The Americans, who had just paid Russia millions of dollars for Alaska in 1867, whom were also looking for other properties to expand their Republic and eyed the territory. But Canada saw Rupert's Land as the natural extension of its new nation which included Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec and it was not going to let it get away. However, The Hudson's Bay Company was prepared to sell to the Americans who would pay top dollar. But on March 20, 1869, ... ... middle of paper ... ... arrival in St. Laurent, the rebellion has started. Violence escalated from looting and taking hostages to open rebellion. It was only a matter of time before the badly-outnumbered rebels were killed. Riel, having fled the scene of the final battle surrendered on May 15, 1885. For his part in the two uprisings in Canada’s brief history. Riel was hanged on November 16, 1885 in Regina. And To this day Riels execution is a controversy between historians. In my opinion Riels execution in Canadian history was prejudiced and yet crucial because without Riels execution where will Canada be now? Just think about it. Imagine that riel gained supporters and the province of Canada was overthrown? Would the Canada that you and I know be still being here? Or would the province of Canada become part of America? We have no notion but this is the reason we study history isn’t?
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