Bridging the Gap

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“To learn how to learn, you have to love learning-or you have to at least enjoy it…” (Friedman, 310). Friedman explains when he talks about how to get children motivated for getting an education. Sadly, America is still denying children of an education who actually want it. A lot of my fellow graduates came out of school with excellent grades and bright futures, but some with no papers. But without The DREAM Act, children of illegally immigrated parents, no matter how good of a student they are, will not qualify for financial aid. It seems that a lot of people forget that America is a land of immigrants, and that closing the door to those who want better lives for their children ruins the entire point of this nation. We are still, if only in some ways, a land of opportunity. And that opportunity should not be shut out to others no matter where they came from. Even though what and who is considered American always seems up for debate, a way of working on this upgrade is by passing The DREAM Act. Washington State allowing undocumented student’s financial aid will encourage ambitious learning; lead to a higher rate of graduation at Yakima Valley Community College, and should help with what Friedman calls the Gap at the Bottom. If the Act is put through, America will be ahead on the way to a flat world.
Before I even begin to explain why The DREAM act is a necessary and a great idea to put into action, I first need to explain what I mean when I say that America will be on its way to a flat world. In Friedman’s book, The World is Flat, he explains that the countries of the world are connecting in a way they never had before now. With open trade and jobs in America being sent over sea, and cheaper made goods being sent here, the world ...

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...nd make something of themselves in this ever flattening world. It’s not just for them but for the country itself, more students graduating college will put us ahead in a world where The United States puts out ideas rather than the physical products that are invented. Now that you understand that passing The Dream Act will help everyone involved, contact a senator and let your opinion be heard.

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