Bridging The Gender Gap Essay

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All these policies and legislation have impacts on the eradication of the gender gap in the UK construction industry in different ways and the combination of policies influence the current status of the gender imbalance issue. 3.4.2 Government policies and legislation Bridging the gender gap has been extremely important to the UK government for many years and various policies and legislation have been implemented to achieve this. The Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919 helped women to enter their professions for the first time. In an opening statement it is provided that: ‘a person shall not be disqualified by sex or marriage from the exercise of any public function, or from being appointed to or holding any civil or judicial office or post, or from entering or assuming or carrying on any civil profession or vocation’ (Legislation, 2016). Due to antagonistic attitudes to women employment during the post war economic crisis, the legislation did not work in practice and proved inadequate from the women’s perspective.…show more content…
UK equal pay legislation has had radical effects on grading and pay, however, after four decades since the Equal Pay Act was introduced the gender pay gap for median earnings of full-time employees is 9.4 per cent (Office for National Statistic, 2015). Followed by Equal Pay Act in 1975 the Sex Discrimination Act was introduced. The Act prohibits discrimination on the ground of sex implies that anyone who doesn’t comply can face legal consequences. At that time both the Equal Pay act and the Sex discrimination Act seem to be too radical to introduce at once; before these were freely implemented the public attitudes needed to

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