Bridge Weaknesses

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Johnny Tran
Physics Period 4

There are many types of bridges. Some bridges has many strength and weaknesses. For example, a beam bridge’s weakness would be that you have to use a lot of stone starting up from the ground. Another example would be how a suspension bridge’s strength would be it flexibility, like the Golden Gate Bridge. The engineering process for a bridge would be to first make sure everything will be symmetrical. Secondly, from that symmetrical blueprint, the construction of the bridge is now good to go. Lastly, you would have to make sure that all the bridge’s shape/structure/triangles should be correctly aligned. “Correctly aligned” meaning that each supporting part in the bridge should be taking enough distributed
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For example, the area in which my bridge had failed, it showed that some popsicle sticks weren’t even connected in the first place. With a lack of improperly connecting my popsicle sticks, this had led to an unequal distribution throughout my entire bride. From the force of the weight, thirty one pounds of water, the side of my bridge that had been properly connected was were it was taking all the force. This led to my bridge snapping in half in the area where the popsicle sticks weren’t connected to one…show more content…
I found that making bridges out of popsicle sticks can give you further knowledge on what a strong bridge has to consist of. It has to consist of symmetrical sides and properly connected parts. in real life as well. I also thought that making the bridge in the computer was very interesting. This caught my attention because I understood that sometimes real life bridges are done under a budget. Therefore, bridges must be with some cheap materials compared to other more stronger and expensive materials. I also, thought that using various materials can determine the strength of a bridge. In reality, there are different types of metals that are built in a bridge. Such as steel, iron, or even stoned bridges. Some metals are stronger than others and this is what I learned from creating the popsicle stick bridge and creating it in the

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