Bride, Brought and Paid For

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Bride, Bought and Paid For Plot In Melbourne, Romy Pichard, a teacher in a high needs area, is blackmailed by billionaire ex lover Xavier DeVasquez into marrying him. This is done in order to get Xavier to drop charges which would send her embezzling father to prison. Xavier is angry at, not only be stolen from by Romy’s father, but also at Romy for walking away from their relationship when he told her he didn’t love her. Romy refuses to give him an inch, but their sexual appetite for one another starts to break down the walls each have build around them, Themes The major theme in this story is revenge, Xavier is determined to punish Romy for leaving him, and he thinks the best way to do this is to use her father’s crimes as leverage in order to make her marry him. Romy seeks revenge by trying not to fall in love with Xavier, There is also a theme of being an outsider; Xavier came from a poor family in New York, and he had to fight to make is way out. His tough and abrasive nature allowed him to reach the top of his profession. He tries to hide his tough upbringing and blanks anyone who asks about it. Romy at first glance looks like an average middle class woman, who fits into the landscape, but while she was the mistress of Xavier she was thrust into the view of the wealthier members of society, and although she enjoyed it, she was well aware she was an interloper. When this story starts she is also an outsider because of her father’s crimes, she is knows that when her marriage to Xavier hits the news there would be question about her reasons for marrying, there is one scene where one woman digs at her about it. “Interesting how your father’s ... indiscretion, she we say, no longer has a court date” There is also a minor plot ... ... middle of paper ... ...ere is also evidence of the conspicuous consumption of the 1980s with champagne at every event, and couture styled clothes, and even the everyday items like jeans and tops seeming more inline with that time than today word. Language The language is not sophisticated and aimed at an average reading audience, with the most complex words been those of physical items, such as cars and clothing labels. There are a few Spanish words of endearment but little else to suggest the hero Xavier is Spanish. Some sentences seemed poorly put together with editing mistakes like misplaced commas. My View I hated this book; it was clunky, hard to read and the main characters unsympathetic. There was no indication that this was written by a New Zealand author and its style was old fashioned. Works Cited Bianchin, H. Bride, Brought and Paid For. Mills & Boon. Surrey. England. 2009
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