Briana Deleon's Article: The Misrepresentation Of Feminism

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The Misrepresentation of Feminism
A feminist is defined as someone who believes in the social, economic, and political equality between men and women in society. However, in recent years, there are new understandings of the feminist movement. The idea of a feminist is often misconstrued as a woman who lives for herself, a woman who despises all men. A lady who refuses to shave their legs or partake in “female stereotypical” grooming to emphasize her standpoint. Though, the argument of this paper is what is the reason behind the misrepresentation of feminism, and where did it come from? Author and columnist, Roxanne Gay brings this question into light in her article entitled "The Bad Feminist Manifesto". In her, essay, Gay responds to the notion that a feminist is a person that acts, and displays certain characteristics to promote the equality of the sexes. In her piece, she mentions "I got into my head that a feminist was a certain kind of women. I bought into grossly inaccurate myths about who feminists are – militant, perfect in their politics and person, man-hating, humourless". Gay discusses the preconceived idea of how a feminist
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In Deleon 's piece, she acknowledges the true definition of feminism versus the misconceptions of feminism. According to Deleon " I have seen countless times women expressing that they do not “need” feminism because they are not “man-haters” or not a “lesbian”. It is extremely saddening for multiple reasons; men and women are so ill informed that they believe this is what feminism means.". Deleon argues that feminism has been so misconstrued, and all the facts about this movement are grossly inaccurate. That people no longer understand what feminism truly is. This article urges for people to see that the feminist movement is one that fights for equality between the sexes, and not a movement that wants to put one gender down while putting the other on a higher
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