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American culture has changed a lot over the last 100 years, especially in sports. Two people have really paved the way Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. Clubs, courses and yardages have totally changed the game the past 30 years because of the innovation of technology. Players are hitting the ball over three hundred yards now and that is the difference from playing now then playing in the seventies and eighties. Jack Nicklaus arguably the best golfer of all time won so many professional tournaments, with the clubs that he used today a professional golfer wouldn’t even come close to beating him. Golf has changed so much over the last one hundred years, all thanks to these two golfers, this shows that older americans can have huge effect on younger americans.
Jack Nicklaus “The Golden Bear” was really the first golfer that showed huge dominance on the PGA tour, which really started a new era for golf. Jack Nicklaus Stated: “Writers have told me more than once that I’m a better interview in defeat than in victory, which is a compliment I am extremely proud of.”(Database #1) This just shows how respected he is by players and announcers. Winning that many tournaments and playing in many Ryder Cups has earned him so much respect in this game. You have to show dedication in golf and work at it, not just going and playing golf you have to be on the range and the putting green to be as good as Jack Nicklaus. “Girls came second for a long time.”, Jack Nicklaus stated. ( That is the difference from golfers then and golfers now nobody really ever puts golf first. Great golfers have come and go throughout the years, but Jack Nicklaus started the tradition of a do...

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...der americans have more experience in life than younger, they can still learn many things. That is why you see a lot of athletes children turn into superstar athletes it’s because they know the way you have to go to obtain your dreams that you have in life. That is exactly what Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus have in common.
Two thousand and fourteen a year a day in age where technology is everything, anywhere from golf clubs innovation to cell phones. Nineteen sixty a time where everybody had the same thing. Times are changing and things keep getting better and better for this country. People have learned so much from our past elders that we know what we need to do, to keep that tradition going. Golf is one of the most changing sports in the US since it has been introduced to this country. American culture has changed a lot over the last one hundred years.
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