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The novel “Brave New World”, gets a little confusing at the beginning of the story due to the cause of how its presented but on through the story it’s starts to catch on and you start to realize of Aldous Huxley had wrote or what he was imagining while he wrote this story. As I was reading this novel one main thing I realized is that the way the society is in this novel is sort of the same way society is in the real world. However, the way they have sexual intercourse with random people, how they take drugs to get a natural high, or just feel like they’re on top of the world just because they’re on that certain type of drug that gets off the edge. In our world today, people would go crazy or kill someone over an ounce of drug or just kill them just for no reason. I thought the people in this world was crazy but when I was reading this story I was thinking how people can live this lifestyle. While I was thinking I suddenly realized that they weren’t no different from us. In my opinion, the characters in the novel were just like the people described in the story except they had own c...

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