Breastfeeding vs. Bottle Feeding

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Nutrition and breastfeeding are subjects that can relate greatly to each other. New mothers are in a need of information regarding breastfeeding. Mothers receive the information and instructions on how to breastfeed at the hospital where they bear their children. That information is essential in the decision making process of whether to breastfeed or not. Still the clear choice for mothers everywhere is breastfeeding for several important life affecting reasons. Breast milk is highly nutritional, protects from various diseases, ideal in growth, promotes bonding, and is beneficial for the mother in a recovery process after labor.

People tend to find other ways to feed the new born babies other then breastfeeding. That way is the usage of baby formulas. Sometimes mother tend to use formulas instead of breast milk. Below are some of the reasons why a mother may choose to feed her baby with a formula:

The mother or baby has a chronic illness or condition. An example is a mother with Hepatitis B.

The mother may use prescription medications or other drugs. These may be passed through the milk and harm the baby.

The mother is returning to work and finds breastfeeding too difficult.

The mother is uncomfortable with the process.

All of these reasons are acceptable, and mothers know the possible consequences of their actions. Breastfeeding usually goes on for within the first twelve months of infant's life; nevertheless, there are some extreme breast feeders that do it for years. Although most mothers try to breastfeed the infants no matter what condition they are in. A vitamin called Colostrums is high in protein, zinc, and other minerals. It contains less fat, carbohydrates, and calories t...

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... or woman should get pregnant in order to lose weight. Females should not do that because it is just a scientific fact that affected not all individuals in the same way.

Nutrition and breastfeeding are essential parts of the nursing mother. It is essential because without it we would have a world with sick, underdeveloped, malnutritioned, and untrusting individuals. Fortunately breastfeeding gets rid of all these extremities. Feeding from the breast is something that protects not only the mother, but the baby too. There is nothing else in the world like it. Some nutrients in it are only found in a human body. What else could a mother ask for? All the diseases that are easily acquired by a defenseless organism of a baby are now stoppable because of the mother's natural resistant and supplier of necessary material. That resistant and material is breast milk.

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