Breastfeed No Matter Where You Are

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Breastfeeding is such a natural process. It is one of the best gifts a mother can give her child. Breastfeeding is such a great gift that is just keeps on giving all throughout a child’s life. Breast milk is a good source of protein and high in calories. The breast milk boosts the immune system, allows the child to grow big and strong, and even makes them smarter. Despite all of these positive aspects of breastfeeding, when people see a mother in public breastfeeding her child, they become a little disgusted. Breastfeeding in public is legal in the United States of America. Although, some people would rather it not be. People have left restaurants, told the mother to relocate to the restroom, and even suggested the mother to stay home during the duration, all because she was breastfeeding her child. Breastfeeding in public is natural, creates a bond between the mother and child, and is a civil right. It creates a healthy life style for the child and should not be interfered with by the public.

Women throughout the world have been breastfeeding in public for centuries. Women are breastfeeding in public without any shame. In Egypt, however, breastfeeding is not allowed and it is against their religion (“Breastfeeding and the law”). Other countries all around the world practice breastfeeding in public. There are places that promote women to breastfeed their children. Any woman who does not breastfeed is actually looked down upon (“Breastfeeding and the law”). Unfortunately, some people in the United States feel differently. There are some individuals in America that feel as though if women are going to breastfeed, it should be somewhere private, such as a restroom. People do not eat in restrooms, so why should an innocent baby have...

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... the end all that matters is that the happy, healthy, bundle of joy is getting the adequate amount of nutrition from the best source out there, his/her mother.

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