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Today, the raging battle for the way parents give their children nourishment is at a climax. Breast feeding was only one way mothers could feed their babies, until the 20th century when infant formula was invented (Jana, 2013). For many years after the creation of formula, breast milk was still the most common form of feeding baby. Scientist and researcher began to study formula and soon they created a better powered form of breast milk that made it more convenient for family. Whether parents chose to breastfeed or use formula they must understand there are different in benefits, also both are good choices for feeding babies. In recent years, breastfeeding has been heavily promoted worldwide. Scientist have proven that breastfeeding has many health benefits that infant formula does not have. Children that have been breastfed tend to be smarter than those who are not. Due to, fatty acids and protein contained in the lactated milk promotes brain growth. Breast milk contains special protein that help with preventing babies from illnesses such as ear infection, lung infection, and sudden infant death syndrome (Healthandwellness, 2007). Not only is breastfeeding good for the baby, but it is also beneficial for the mother. One way breastfeeding can help the mother is it has been proven to reduce the risk of ovarian and breast cancer (Healthandwellness, 2007). Not to mention, that breastfeeding helps the mother of the baby return to her pre-pregnancy weight quickly by burning extra calories. Convenient is always a major factor to parents when choosing the method that they will nurse by. Most of the cons of breastfeeding comes from the inconvenience it brings. For example, breast milk is always free and attached to the mother, but it is... ... middle of paper ... ...f them bring something unique to the table. Works Cited Healthandwellness. (2007, January 3). Retrieved from all bout Breastfeeding: Jana, L. A. (2013, May 28). healthy Children. Retrieved from A very brief History of Formula As we Know It: Moon, R. (2012, July 19). WebMD. Retrieved from Breast vs. bottle: Todd, N. (2012, May 24). Health Pregnancy. Retrieved from Breastfeeding vs. formula:

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