Breast Cancer is a Growing Epidemic

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Breast Cancer Report

Breast cancer is a growing epidemic that many women (and men) are faced with. Fortunately, there are many preventative measures you can take against it and a lot of research has been done to make it manageable. Only 5-10% of patients obtained cancer hereditarily, otherwise known as through their genes (American Cancer Society 2011). ar The real cause of cancer mutations are within two genes (Phelan 2013). Proto-oncogenes are the genes within your cell that determine what it’s function is, and how much it divides (ACS, 2011). If there is a mutation within this cell, it turns into an oncogene which is a cell that keeps dividing (ACS. 2011). This is when the tumor suppressor gene comes in. The tumor suppressor gene tells the oncogene to stop dividing and slows it’s lifespan. But if there is a mutation within a tumor suppressor gene, then there is a much greater risk of the patient getting cancer because there’s nothing to stop the growth (ACS 2011).
If there is a mutation in either the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes, then this greatly increases your chances of getting breast cancer. Because they are in the category of tumor suppressor genes they normally help repair damage that happens in your DNA, but if mutated then they can no longer do this and cancer cells might accumulate (Phelan 2013).
Most forms of breast cancer are acquired, or at least the genes to make them are. So there is no guarantee that just because one of your relatives has a cancerous gene that you will. (ACS 2011)
There are preventative measures that you can take against cancer. If someone in your family is positive for the BRCA gene, then there could be some benefit to getting genetically tested, even for just for awareness purposes. There is not ...

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... cells in the body, but also come with different side effects. For example, the drug Taxol has been shown to greatly decrease the amount of leukemia in patients but comes with side effects that include numbness, white patches, fever, etc (Hortobagyi 1991).
Society puts a lot of pressure on women to be aware of breast cancer, and to do everything in their power to save their breasts. But this is not always the best option. Being a woman myself and having to deal with “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” is a little bit annoying. I understand that it raises awareness and funds for breast cancer research, but it also seems a little sexist in the fact that we don’t have this much support for testicular cancer research and treatments. Women should not be pressured to get rid of the cancer and not their breasts, or to even be worried about cancer if they have no reason to be.

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