Breakup Essay

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Do you believe in happy endings? Once in a person’s lifetime, everyone finds this one perfect person whom they fall hopelessly in love with and live happily ever after. That is a mere fallacy, in the real world, this simply does not happen. Yes, people do have common interests and therefore develop romantic involvement, but it is basic common sense that these relationships have a life span and simply cannot last. There are certain people who aren’t meant to fit into your life in the long-term no matter how much you want them to. Sometimes people come into your life to shake you up, tear apart your ego, flip your perspective, show your obstacles, break your heart and mind open. The cause of a breakup can be due to various reasons such as cheating, falling out of love, quarrelling or the lack of communication.
First of all, cheating is not an option; it’s a choice that a lot of people choose. A person tends to cheat when they are not contented with their girlfriend or boyfriend. With this issue, some people prefer to date two guys or girls at the same time especially if one of you and your partner lives in a different place. For example, in my case, I was in a relationship before and it happens that B (code name) lives 3,736 miles away from me. As a result, I was tempted to date another guy because I couldn’t do what other couples do with B in person such as hug, hold his hand, kiss him whenever I want, and etc. B didn’t know about it and I felt really heinous. Few weeks later I was forced to choose between B and the other guy because I realize that it’s not fair for them and they don’t deserve it. I feel so shamed about myself for making that mistake. If I could only turn back the time I would not do what I did. Admit it, we can’...

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...we started dating each other. I got bored about him since we do the same matters everyday and I found someone that can complete my happiness. We quarreled a lot because I disappointed him. I don’t meet his expectations for me such as to be a good girlfriend and I think he deserves better. Not talking to him for a week changed our relationship; we became strangers and I uttered lies excuses for one week. I shouldn’t have done that.
There are numerous factors and causes that contribute to why couples break up. However, cheating, falling out of love, quarrelling, and lack of communication are the most common reasons why they tend to end their relationship. Jocelyn Soriano once opined, “We hurt so much because we have lost a part of ourselves. If we have loved much, we must have given much also, and when everything's over, we feel as though we have lost everything.”
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