Breakfast Lunch And Dinner For Three Days

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Day one: I chose to have the same meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days, not in a row, of course. So day one, two and three will look the same; it is roughly what I consume on a regular basis, I really didn’t have to alter my meals much at all, only to make sure I had the same meals each day. Here is day one, two and three. My carbohydrate intake; Breakfast, I had four servings of frosted miniwheats (milk included) with an average of 164 carbs, 694 calories, 3g of fat, 29n g of protein and 20g of fiber. This had quite a few of my carbs for each day, as did the beans I had for dinner, which were 172 carbs, and many calories (920). So the foods that were mostly carbs were the miniwheats and the beans, followed by the soup and the crackers. About 45 to 65 percent of your total calories should come from carbohydrates. 67.3% of my total calories came from carbohydrates I only came a few over the recommended level. I do not regularly eat foods with lots of fat, though of course the body needs fat. I just don’t eat a lot of very fatty foods. The 2% milk that I drank had the most fat, coming in at 14g for breakfast and 54g for dinner, for a total of 68g of fat in milk alone. The recommended value of calories from fat is about 30%, I had nearly half of that at 14.1%. I was below the recommended level. Beans have quite a bit of protein, coming in at 57g for the 3 cups that I had. The recommended value of protein for each day is 20%, I came close at 18.6%. Carbohydrates should make up half (50%) of your diet; they are needed because they contain hydrogen and oxygen. In fact, they contain a ratio of 2:1 which is the same as water. The body is made up of mostly water so therefore you need water in your daily diet. My... ... middle of paper ... ... I’ve begun drinking more water. 3. I balance my diet fairly well. Your Values Proteins, 18.6%Carbohydrates, 67.3%Fats, 14.1% Recommended Values Proteins, 20%Carbohydrates, 50%Fats, 30% Recommended Values Proteins, 20%Carbohydrates, 50%Fats, 30% Things I can do to control my eating habits better: I should make sure to balance my calories properly. I could also put each meal into so that I can view the exact amount of calories I need. I can also eat natural foods, unprocessed foods, and non-GMO foods. I must also be willing to look hard for healthy food and maybe spend a little extra money. I found this assignment very useful, though it was not something I would have thought to do on my own. I am glad I have completed the assignment. I believe it will help me to balance my diet and overall eat healthier have a higher quality of living.
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