Breakdancing Performance

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All was dark. The music slowly rose to its audible volume as the curtain ascended to show darkness shrouding the stage. Milliseconds following the curtains the lights illuminated the stage like lightning decorating the sky with brilliant light. And like thunder, cheers roared through the audience as they witness me and my brothers, united not by blood but by dance, upon the stage about to perform our annual school breakdancing performance. I basked in the limelight as it blinded me and took me back to my humble beginnings as flashbacks coursed through my mind seconds before my cue to start.

The memories of the first days I embarked on my journey to becoming a passionate breakdancer flowed into every crevice of my mind. I recalled I had no mentor or wise guidance to teach me these dynamic techniques and so with no place to create my foundations I swam through the oceans of the Internet to find one of the most profound teachers I would encounter. Its name was...Youtube. Day by day I would bruise and injure myself as I endeavored to learn breakdancing moves, like the Windmill, from v...
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