Bread givers

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In Bread Givers, freedom for Sara is attached to the idea of independence and self-sufficiency. Also, defining freedom as being able to reach a state in which financial constraints do not represent a barrier for one’s desire for self-improvement. In order to achieve that desired state, education is viewed as a means to freedom; knowledge that would lead to the bettering of one’s condition. However, there are factors that prevent Sara from experiencing freedom. Along with the financial constraints that Sara and her family experience, there is also the male driven societal views that not only create a dependency on men, but also lower the status of the women. Ultimately, not only is Sara fighting against her poverty, she is also fighting against the masculine society that does not believe in the advancement of women. The ideals of self-sufficiency and independence are strong in Sara’s view of freedom because throughout Bread Givers we see the perils of dependence upon other people. The characters that put their trust in others to help them realize their goals are ultimately disappoint...

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