Brazil versus Vietnam – Similarly versus Differently

The world has more than 190 countries and each of them is unique. There are several countries in the world with huge differences among their customs and traditions, so the common thought is that it is hardly unlikely to find similarities between two countries that are so far apart. However, it is possible to find a few similarities between them. Comparing Brazil and Vietnam there are some similarities and differences in terms of education, religion and food.
The first point of comparison and contrast between Brazil and Vietnam relates to the education system. Brazilians and Vietnamese have one similarity and a few differences relating to education. Brazil and Vietnam have similarities about the division level at school. One example of similarity is the education system in Brazil and Vietnam are both the same when children enter school at six the age in kindergarten and in the final year in secondary school, the age is seventeen. One difference between Brazil and Vietnam relates education system is that the Vietnamese have to pay to study in both schools (public or private), while in ...

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