Brazil: The Land of Happiness

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Brazil, also known as The Land of Happiness, is one of the most diverse countries in the world, both in its people and its geography. This exotic country has a rich history stretching from prehistoric times through a minorly turbulent colonization period to what is now a thriving modern culture. Brazil boasts what many people consider to be one of the most varied and interesting geographies on the planet. As is typical for the South American continent, Brazil is home to a largely patriarchal society. As far as the issue of water is concerned the country is fortunate enough to be home to the largest supply of fresh water in the world, the Amazon River. Brazil is a melting pot of mixed stages of development that range from highly advanced to the very definition of poverty. South America’s largest country is known far and wide for its globally acclaimed cuisine. Due to their exports to many branches of the culinary industry Brazil is also remarkably globalized. The county’s many metropolises also account for the fact that it is highly urbanized. It would be difficult to argue the fact that Brazil has one of the most diverse and unique cultures in the world, making people from across the globe flock to its pristine beaches and thriving cities to experience the Brazilian lifestyle. The first record of life in what is now Brazil dates back to prehistoric times approximately 13,000 years ago. (Portuguese) During this period of time the people had a primitive culture with the significant absence of steel tools or other common markers of sophisticated society. Then in the year 1500 there was a major turning point in the history of Brazil that came in the form of Portuguese sailors who came with the intent of creating prosperous colonies.... ... middle of paper ... diverse and one of a kind countries in the world. The country’s long history of colonization has brought it to a status of being both culturally and ethnically blended. Brazil’s geography is world renowned and is an object of great interests to locals and foreigners alike. Throughout the years women have made a climb to near equality to men and equal recognition under the law. Although water is abundant due to the Amazon River flowing through the heart of Brazil, this does not mean that there is an absence of water issues. Rapid urbanization country-wide comes at the expense of development standards and the overall quality of life. Brazil is a global power in both economy and exports, most of which is credited to the culinary industry. This exotic South American country is globally recognized for their rich culture as well as their caring and hardworking people.
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