Brazil Essay

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Brazil is the largest country in South America and one of the most influential. The geography of Brazil is mostly flat to rolling lowlands in the northern areas along with plains, hills, mountains, and narrow coastal belt in the southern region (, 2015). The area is rich in natural resources such as timber forests and mineral resources such as iron ore, diamonds, quartz and petroleum (Gigli, 2015). While Brazil’s economy has been commodity based in recent years technology investors have begun to establish business there a Brazil begins to invest more in technology and science (Lowman, 2014) .
Brazil’s History
Brazil’s economic history reflects periods of economic prosperity followed periods of stagnation. The biggest boom was the coffee boom that began in the 19th century. At the turn of the century, Brazil was the supplier of 75% of the global coffee supply accounting for 10% of their GDP (Lowman, 2014). While coffee has served as an important factor of Brazil’s economic success, the fact that their economy was dependent on commodity exports was a major vulnerability in the past. In the 80’s the Brazilian government was forced to reschedule their debt and in the 90’s the country experienced hyperinflation. However with the implementation of the
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During the world cup mass protests took place to expose how the country invested so much in preparing for the World Cup while so many residents were living in poverty (Human Rights Watch, 2014). This issue has the potential to become volatile as the country is currently experience an economic slowdown and the unemployment numbers begin to rise. Another result of extreme poverty is the lack of skilled workforce which makes it difficult for companies staff their business with local residents which keeps them from investing in the community (Deloitte,
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