Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

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Brave New World Analysis 1/3

1) One of the biggest conflicts witnessed so far in the first 90 pages of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is the internal one within the main protagonist, Bernard Marx. Throughout the book, Bernard encounters a violent conflict within himself. He was born different from everyone else, and he finds himself many times questioning the system, he feels that there is much more to be/accomplish in life than just having sex and playing ‘obstacle golf’. Bernard is conflicted if he should share how he feels with the rest of the world and reveal his thoughts, or if he should just keep his mouth shut because all he really wants is to fit in. He just wants to be accepted among his caste members as an equal, even though he is not on the same par as them physically. Should he follow what he believes is right, or what everyone else believes is and what he has been conditioned to believe is right. Another conflict we see in the book is when Lenina is conflicted whether she should stay with Henry, a man she has been seeing for four months, or see other men for a change. To us, this seems strange, as when you find someone you like, you generally stay with him or her, but in the World State being with someone for too long is frowned upon, after all, “everyone belongs to everyone”, the hypnopaedic phrase drilled into people’s heads at an early age. She doesn’t know it, but maybe deep down she may have some feelings for Henry but doesn’t know how to act on them as feelings of love and attachment to one person is something unheard of. Should she follow her heart, or follow the norm of society.

2) So far, I have deduced that Bernard Marx is, or is one of the main character(s) of Brave New World. Bernard is an Alpha Plus,...

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...means to be full of air. I think the men mean mean that she’s very attractive, curvy, and just extremely attractive, but I also think there is a second meaning behind the word that Huxley is trying to get across. He’s trying to say that Lenina’s body may be extremely attractive, but her mind is pneumatic. In more simple words, she’s an airhead. She doesn’t think of anything significant at all, and she’s extremely boring and dull. All she really does is throw her body around for men to have her (we can’t judge, as this is what she, and every other female has been conditioned to do since birth), and that’s why everyone is so attracted to her. The term “pneumatic” is so constantly used to describe her, and soon she becomes associated with it so that all this does is remind the readers that she is the most accurate and representation of a vanilla World State female.

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