Brave Movie Analysis

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“Brave” is a Pixar movie that introduces the idea that Merida wants to be independent. The movie premiered June 15, 2012. Things take a wild turn as the relationship between her mother gets tarnished by the arranged marriage that Merida does not wish to participate in. Overall I would rate Pixar’s movie, “Brave” a three out of five. I found that the Pixar movie was a movie that was made just to present something on the shelf in between new hit movies from Pixar. The storyline was the only negative thing I have to support my opinion, although the storyline is a huge part of the movie. The technical elements and the actors were magnificent in this movie. Although the movie in my opinion, was a stapled together disgrace of a storyline, I enjoyed…show more content…
This movie was a mix between the past Disney movies, Freaky Friday, Mulan, and Beauty and the Beast. Freaky Friday, a movie where the mother and daughter switch bodies after a horrible argument. Mulan, a movie where a princess takes her father’s place in war and becomes a true warrior hero to her whole town. Beauty in the Beast, a story about a princess who has to learn to love a prince inside a beast’s body before the rose dies and he is stuck in the beast’s body forever. In a way I thought that it was a great twist but also a sad attempt at a movie about a young woman gaining her independence from her culture. I would’ve liked the movie to elaborate more on her becoming independent than the relationship with her mother. I felt as though the younger brothers took away from Merida’s debut and I feel as though the movie would’ve been better off without them. The violence that they incorporated could’ve been taken out so the movie could’ve been presented to a younger audience more appropriately. The rest of the characters played a key part in the story and I enjoyed their presence. The mythology in this movie was a little blurry to me. I understood the fact that the wisps were the souls of the dead but I felt like that might’ve been harder for a younger audience to understand. I also felt adding in the history of the wisps past lives would’ve been a good additive to this…show more content…
Pixar never fails to amaze me with their remarkable work. Merida’s vibrant red hair was a very nice touch to this particular movie. Pixar truly kept this movie’s animation classy yet wild. From the time in the woods while we are carried on the back of Merida’s horse Angus. Even though Shire horses weren’t in existence during this time period and I felt as though they Pixar could’ve done a better job at researching the history, this did not tarnish my view on the movie Brave. Even if parts of the movie’s storyline drove me insane I thought that the animation made it bearable. Overall I believe that Brave had great potential at one point but I also feel as though there could’ve been more time spent to let this movie achieve its full potential. Brave is a stapled together masterpiece even if the movie did not reach its full potential. I believe that children really enjoyed this movie and probably were not aware to the few annoyances I have encountered while watching this film. This film could use some constructive criticism but achieved some of its potential. Source: Sarafian, Katherine, Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman, Emma Thompson,
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