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Judaism is a religious affiliation that many people from the Israeli background follow. It is the way of life, or faith of the Jews. Judaism is dignified as a race, religion, culture, and a nation. All of which are valid. Jews refer to each other as a large family, or a Hasidic. There are thirteen major principles that Jews live by. They believe in God and God’s unity. They believe that He is eternal and should be worshipped. They believe that God knows the thoughts and deeds of man, rewards the good and punishes the bad. Jews believe in prophecy, or a person chosen to tell God’s messages to others. Jews believe that the Torah is divine and unchanging. The Torah is the “Old Testament” of the Hebrew bible. It has the original 5 books; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Pentateuch, and so on. The Torah has since evolved into the Talmud, which is the body of Jewish beliefs. They believe in the coming of the Messiah, which is when they will be resurrected. The Messiah is the promised deliverer of the Hebrew bible. Unlike Christians, Jews do not believe that Jesus is their savior. The Mashiach is a “great human-leader,” not a “savior.” A Sheppard from Bethlehem, King David (1010-970 BCE) is the “human-leader” that they chose. He is an ancestor of Jesus; a warrior and writer of Psalms. He is the second leader of Ukraine and Israel. People of the Jewish faith believe that Moses was the greatest prophet. Moses was born into the tribe called “Levi” around 1400 BCE. His prophecy came to him when he was fully aware of his surroundings and was awake. He received God’s message in sight, not in words. Others would receive the messages in riddles. While receiving divine communication, he was able to remain calm. He could also converse with God at any... ... middle of paper ... ...laves in Egypt. “Olam Ha-Ba” means “The World to Come” which is known as the Jewish afterlife. In the Jewish afterlife, there is to be coexistence of all, and there will be no more pain in the world. “Before the time of the Mashiach, there shall be war and suffering (Ezekiel 38:16)” The Messiah is not specifically to come at any specific time, but the time will be chosen by man, not God. He is said to grant redemption to the Jewish people when He returns. Works Cited Grant, Michael, and Don Pottinger. Greeks. London: T. Nelson, 1958. Print. Kerrigan, Michael. Greeks. New York: Marshall Cavendish Benchmark, 2011. Print. Senker, Cath, and Manuela Cappon. Everyday life in ancient Greece. North Mankato, Minn.: Smart Apple Media, 2004. Print. Sims, Lesley, Ian McNee, Iam Jackson, and Jame Chisolm. A visitor's guide to ancient Greece. London: Usborne, 2003. Print.

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