Brand Spaces: Using Space as a Medium for the Message

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In times of overconsumption shopping is considered today to be a stressful, exhausting and time consuming situation to the postmodern consumer. In order to bring back the interest of the postmodern consumer to visit the store, retail has surrender to Internet by providing all the necessary information on the new trends in social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and main Websites that gives us the opportunity to participate in the new means of consumption by giving us voice as society became dominated by the power of digital information, also allowing us to shop online. The disadvantage of a postmodern society to brands and capitalists is that consumers can now dictate their own methods of consumption therefore opting to avoid a physical shop visit and instead it can be possible to do it at their homes. By understanding the story of branding spaces and its cultural impact I intend to share my ideas on the current social and political situation of retail by using local examples such as the extravagant yet powerful Selfridges flagship store in London by describing their methodologies used for a effective costumer experience in comparison to its competitors, their ethos towards the environment and how it relevant it became for the British economy. In this essay I will also share my opinion (as a costumer) on what could be done for an improvement within brands and how does it affects society moralities and the cultural impact.It can be understood by statement above the importance of an environment that stores should provide to its costumers. Without any excitement factors within the space there will not be any other reason for costumers to spend their money in stores. As well as product quality and set prices, the more ex... ... middle of paper ... ...o it is seen how today black children still have preference on Caucasian dolls stating that We live in a new generation of buyers. Consumers used to be taught how products can help them fulfill their needs or reach goals and the benefits of the products were described to provide reasons for buying. Now consumers only buy if they identify therefore positive attitudes towards a brand of product should be taken in consideration to express a brands values as social groups influence consumers by sharing their own experiences and connections in their community. The value of a great shopping experience is rather found in the moment of consumption, rather that in the purchase of a product. Brands should understand that people do not buy only the products, they buy the services that the products provide too. ‘’The consumer is always right’’ 1910 Marshall Field.

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