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Introduction to report This personal branding module has helped me develop my brand and progress from coming up with a sweet spot to finally attaining a brand. This report will help show my progress and how I developed through the weeks. This report will summarize the various discussions about different topics such as the brand model and also the homework assignments. Various visuals such as the moodboard, the brand Model, the website, logo and Brand profile. The layout of the report will in the form of my brand to symbolize the importance of utilizing waste materials. To me each material has a purpose after its use and can be made into something productive and serve another purpose.…show more content…
The brand profile has a small introduction about myself and personality. The Personal branding profile allows me to have self-analysis about my personality and how I can use that help promote my brand. The brand profile should communicate and clarify about what sets you apart. The personal brand statement is one line that describes you the best or yourself relating to design. In my brand profile the one line that helps describe me is “Design is a journey of…show more content…
The four main headings allowed me to explore the various aspects of myself. With the various exercises of interacting with people from different cultures and having one to one discussions with them I discovered more of myself through them. I questioned myself a lot during these few weeks to understand where my true talent and destination lies. I was able to find out how I can apply my personality to my work and also to connect with clients and be a successful Industrial Design Engineer. I understood the quality of Image needed to portray yourself as a successful designer. The following quote really appealed to me as an aspiring designer. I feel the way you create yourself is extremely important and needs to be shown in that way. One’s past plays an exceptional role in creating a personal brand. During my high school years I experimented with my abilities by taking part in various competitions to understand myself a bit more. Although, I realized my love for making fast making consumer goods more user friendly through waste materials only in these past few days after reflecting about my past. In the future I wish to create such a brand for myself and keep refining by spending some time on it daily to achieve my final sweet spot. This is just the beginning and I wish to find more of

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