Brand Loyalty Essay

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Irem Eren Erdogmus and Mesut Cicek, says that how effective is the social media marketing for building up the brand loyalty of the consumers. Loyalty towards a brand brings in sales revenue, market share and profit towards an organization. With the help of a brand an organization can at least keep them in the marketplace. The researcher tells that there are various qualities that a brand must hold to shown that it is loyal towards its consumers.
• To provide with an effective campaign
• Give appropriate content what the consumer wants
• Offers current content regarding a particular brand
• Found on various platforms and provides applications on social media. Marketers have utilized various means to maintain the brand loyalty of their customers, including brand elements, classical marketing mix variables, and new methods of marketing such as events, sponsorships,
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Zhao says, micro-blogs and social media plays important role in building brand loyalty. Micro blogging sites deliver real-time online communication abilities. Creating companies’ micro blogs, which are also known as brand micro blogs, has its own power and can be vital marketing plan for various companies. Customers can select certain brands or products to match with their own personality. Various marketing activities are so employed to attract consumers through creating positive and convincing brand personality. In addition, brand personality is also strengthens consumers’ communication with brands and further improve brand loyalty and brand equality. In terms of brand loyalty we have hardly discussed about brand personality and how it helps in building brand loyalty. Social media marketing is all about interacting with online community. By building brand loyalty, companies will be able to position themselves in the market and effect customer preferences. Social media is inexpensive and marketer always prefers it to communicate with the
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