Brand Image Analysis

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Quality, credibility and quantity of information provided through eWoM creates a certain brand image. Brand image is consumer perception about the brand created through brand awareness and attributes (Keller, 2008). Social media pages and online buying show that eWoM plays a vital role in the development of a brand image. Brands communicate their brand image that targets the segment which has been chosen for it (Reza Jalilvand and Samiei, 2012). Aaker (1991:15) defines brand equity as “…a set of brand assets and liabilities linked to a brand, its name and symbol that add to or subtracts from the value provided by a product or service to a firm and/or to that firm’s customers”. On the basis of Aaker brand equity model, Keller (1993) defines…show more content…
It is important to develop a positive word of mouth from creating a strong brand image. Through electronic word of mouth, it is important that people write good suggestions and recommendations for the product so followers on social networking sites have a positive perception about the brand. Reza Jalilvand and Samiei’s (2012) study shows that eWoM creates an impact on brand image which triggers people to buy products and services. With eWoM , brand image can become more strong through “increasing product variety, enhancing product quality, offering the products in the price worthy of value, and pleasantly providing after sale services” (Reza Jalilvand and Samiei, 2012:472). Implementing these attributes, a brand image can eventually become stronger. (Yoo and Donthu, 2001) supported that impressive brand image makes people pay premium prices for the products and…show more content…
If these characteristics are perfectly aligned with customers’ needs and wants, they will create a positive perception about the brand (Xiang and Tussyadiah, 2013). In a consumer generated community, opinions that people generate hold a significant importance, because other people follow these opinions and it can be regarded as eWoM and will impact customers’ attitudes and behaviors in terms of the development of brand image (Lee, 2014). Entrepreneurs and companies encourage customers to develop a trust between them. As negative comments and reviews by potential customers can generate negative publicity and hence it can lead to negative brand image (Eisend, Langner and Okazaki, 2012). In social media pages, electronic word of mouth is the only way in which new customers can identify the brand. People’s comments and reviews hold a significant importance for new customers. Their credibility can be judged through their quality and experience of their comments. Consumer generated content is not only generated on e-tailers doing business through social media but also e-tailers outside social media like Amazon and Ebay, as it is an important part to create brand trust and image (Wattegama and Qing,
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