Brand Identity and Marketing Case Analysis

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Developing a successful company brand and marketing strategy is challenging. There are several key components when developing the strategy including the SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-sensitive) tactic described by International association of business communication, (2013). After the review of the OfficeMax Case study, it was apparent that their strengths were in customer numbers during school season. Given this, they were able to create a goal that targeted this audience to increase holiday revenue. However, their weakness was a brand that was similar to their competition. Therefore, a strategic marketing campaign needed to include a way to increase holiday traffic and separate them from the competition. Developing a campaign to bring in holiday traffic is measurable and time-sensitive. The success of the holiday campaigns will assist with the brand identity and separation from the competition. This involves effective marketing strategies that include thorough planning and implementation, as well as monitoring and analyzing the outcome (CSU-Global, n.d). A solid brand identity takes time to build and develop through successful marketing. OfficeMax Goals and Strategy OfficeMax is a well-known office supply source that maintains a high customer base for school supplies. They have a close competitor that shares a similar name and similar customer base. According to the case study, the organization realized that in order to be successful they must stand out from the competitor. The organization wanted to make the customer’s aware that they offered electronics and other devices, as well as school supplies. Thus, creating a new marketing campaign to stand out from the competition. Considering the organiza... ... middle of paper ... ...rom their competition. The marketing strategies were successful because the organization took the time to plan, implement, monitor, and analyze the results (CSU-Global, n.d). Works Cited Colorado State University-Global Campus. (n.d.). Case study: Have Yourself an OfficeMax Holiday. Retrieved from Colorado State University-Global Campus. (n.d.). Module 7 - Critical thinking and strategic communications: Communication plans, brand identity, and marketing messages. In COM400 – Thinking critically about strategic communication. Greenwood Village, CO: Author International Association of Business Communication. (2013). The strategic communication plan: An overview. Retrieved from

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