Brand Credibility: The Believability Of Brand Credibility?

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Brand could be anything a name, sign, term, symbol or a design that differentiate a company’s product and services it from the competitors. Brands directly affect the consumer’s purchase behavior (Erdem, et al., 2002). Furthermore, Branding is a mean for differentiation which leads to get competitive advantage over customers, brand equity helps in building a brand (pappu, et al., 2005).
According to Keller (2011) brand credibility is the extent to which a brand is considered credible by the consumers. Erdem et al (2002) defines credibility as it is the believability of anyone’s intentions or claims regarding anything at a specific time. Therefore brand credibility is defined as a signal that is used create believability among the consumers
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Trustworthiness means the extent to which the brand is dependable and sensitive to the needs and wants of the consumers, Expertise represents how much brand is interesting, fun and worth spending for and Expertise denotes how much a brand is creative, innovative and shares it have in the market (Erdem, et al., 2002 ; Keller, 2011).
Brand credibility can extend to the trustworthiness and standing of a brand through their service claims conveyed to the current and potential customers via advertising or other brand communication activities, therefore keeping the importance of brand credibility in consideration the brand credibility levels shall be maintained by the marketers dealing in services through various marketing campaigns.(King & Baek,
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This theory was further studied by Keller (2001) and develops a model of Consumer Based- Brand Equity, which is framework for most of the studies conducted on brand equity suggests that the power of brand lies in the what customer think and feel about the brand. The CBBE model defines what brand equity is, how it is built, measured &
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