Brain Cancer, is there any link to cell phones?

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Research suggests a slight increase in the rate of brain tumors since the 1970s, however cell phones weren't in use during the 1970s. There is no solid evidence of a link between cell phone users and brain tumors or cancer. It is said that cell phones give off enough radiation directly to the head to cause brain tumors. Cell phones do not have the capability of causing brain tumors. While many people believe that cell phones cause brain tumors, cell phones do not give off enough radiation to cause a brain tumors, and while there has been many tests to determine a connection between the two scientists have yet to find one.
Cell phones give off a radio frequency that can be absorbed by tissues close to the phone. Radio frequency energy can be absorbed into cell phone users’ brain cells. Studies conducted by the World Health Organization shows no increased health risk due to radio frequency energy. (“Interphone study reports..”). Many believe that since cell phone usage has went up, brain tumor rates have went up. In a study that followed more than 420,000 cell phone users over a period of 20 years, researchers have found no evidence of a link between cell phones and brain tumors. (“Is there any link..”). Cell phones are unable to cause brain cancer, and there have been many studies to prove it.
Radio frequency energy is not strong enough to cause brain cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) agreed there’s not enough evidence that cell phones radiation is a cancer causing agent, since there is such a lack of evidence the group classified radio frequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to people. (“Is there a link…”). Leading health researcher cannot find proof radio frequency can cause cancer. All cell phones ...

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...upta says “There is no possible mechanism for cell phones to cause cancer.” Doctors and researches alike have been able to prove a link between brain tumors and cell phones, no matter how many tests and studies they do.
Brain tumors are said to be caused by cell phones but cell phones are not capable of giving off enough radio frequency, there have been hundreds of test and experiments done on the subject and all have come off inconclusive, and the radiofrequency energy waves are not strong enough to cause a tumor to grow. Brain tumors are cannot be caused by cell phones; people should not have to fear their phone. Technology is always expanding, making life easier and fixing its errors along the way, it should not be feared because cell phone companies such as Samsung, LG, Apple, and Nokia are updating phones on a day to day basis making them better for the user.

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