Boyton And Dodds Case Study

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Problem: In this case, there are several problems with the company called Columbia Savings. The problem is that they need to handle the marketing and advertising. They decided to hire another company called Boyton & Dodds, which the company provide a full service advertising and PR firm to work with CS. CS feels that the Boyton & Dodds has the full potential because of their work had been strong and effective firm. The problem with CS is to continue work with Boyton & Dodds to bring the change or ignore the marketing and advertising.
Critical Factors: (1) Evaluate the current firm based on how they can be effective and should CS stay with the Boyton & Dodds. (2) Look for new advertising and PR firm that are willing to work with CS. (3) Evaluate
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First thing that comes to mind and want to look for is the pros of the company’s performance either they are doing well or poor. This will lead CS to give an idea if it’s the firm or the economy shift in the market in order to make the difference. To look at the company’s performance whether they are doing well so that they can do better than other competitors or they can duplicate them. CONS 1: There are some that we need to evaluate in depth, the company by looking at the company. It takes time and power to fully evaluate the company and to understand what to expect from them and what needs to happen on the marketing in order for the company is financial successful. It’s important to evaluate to understand the industry trend whether they can take a risk or not to change. This is a big decision to think about working with the team, making the decision can affect the firm’s future. PROS 2: Looking for a new advertising and PR firm that are willing to work with CS will bring best out of it by rebuild their brand/image to earn more sales and accounts for CS. This will impact the company’s financial