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Louis sat spell bounded as he listened and watched her prepare the tea. “Now as soon it comes to a boil, remove the kettle. Burning all the oxygen out of the water flattens the flavor,” she said removing the kettle from the burner. Louis just shook his head with his eyes wide open. “Now we already took a bit of boiling water and poured it onto the tea leaves to allow them to bloom.” “To bloom?” he asked. She nodded. “It allows them to release some of their bitterness,” she said repeating the act. “And then we drain immediately.” She demonstrated by pouring a bit of the boiling water on the leaves. He just watched in amazement. “Holy Christ, I didn't know you need da science degree just to make da tea.” “How do you make your tea?” “I don't, I love it ... don't make it,” he admitted feeling a bit ashamed. “I know you said you like honey, but you don't put anything in these teas,” she said and took the leaves that had now bloomed and put them in the pot. Taking the boiling water she poured it into the pot and let it settle. “Ok, so we let this brew for four to five minutes, no more than...

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