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Walking down the hall she peered into the bedroom and saw he was still sleeping. Opening the door slightly more hoping today wasn't the day a creak made its way into the hinges. Looking at the clock beside him she saw it was almost 5:30am and tip toad silently through the room looking for her jeans. Spotting them on top of a pile of clothes on a little wooden antique chair she carefully knelt down to grab them. Putting her right leg into the pants she gritted her teeth while forcing it through. She put her other leg through and forced the jeans up to her butt. "Here comes the hard part," she thought. Then, as quietly as she could, Lily began to jump up and down trying to use gravity to her advantage. As she bounced for the final time her eye caught the arm of her big green hoodie hanging in the closet. “That son of a bitch,” she said low and angrily. Creeping to the closet she saw the hoodie was either hugging another sweater or trying to cop a feel. She couldn't decide. Putting her hands-on opposite sides she slowly spread them apart and unraveled them. The scraping of the hanger hooks made a few screeches sliding along the pole, but he only mumbled and rolled over. For reasons unknown and the cause of later debate she grabbed the hoodie and tried pulling it down over the hanger. Why Lily just didn't take the hanger off the pole and remove the hoodie instead of taking it off like a ten-year old became the center piece of said debate. Trying to stretch the sweater over the arms of the hanger the tension became greater and greater and she started feeling the anticipation inside her start to grow. She started to become frightened and excited all at the same time. Suddenly the hoodie goes limp as the hanger snapped back sending it sh... ... middle of paper ... ...oking her over. She just shook her head and started to laugh but Todd could see it in her eyes. “If you think we would ever . . . ever and honey I mean ever! Kick you out I am insulted.” “I know, it's just you both had to change your entire lives for me, and he was so mad this morning . . . I guess I'm kinda freaking out a little,” she said trying to be honest. “What!” he snapped. “Uh-un, no fucking way bitch,” he said waving his finger in one hand and calling out on his phone on the other. “What are you doing?” she said trying to look at whom he was calling. “No don't call him.” His finger stopped waving and stood straight at attention telling her to be quite. “Yes, Martin honey, I know what time it is, yes, yes I know, yes . . . will you shut the fuck up,” he demanded into the phone. Shaking her head she spun around embarrassed and afraid she just started a fight.

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