Boy Scouts

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We were in Boy scouts my friends Adam, Jack and I.Our parents went on a vacation and thought it would be good if we do something different for a change.They made us go to boy scout and now we are going to go in a cave to experience the places of earth which are not normally visited by others. I stood behind Jack, holding my bag of chips , water bottle and my torch light in my pocket. I thought to myself I could have been playing video games and not be doing this lame cave adventure wIth the boy scouts. I was happy to have Adam and Jack with me in boy scouts because I had someone to have fun with.The counselor came and told us that we have to be silent in the cave no matter what. We slowly walked in the cave . I could see other boys faces in excitement while exploring the cave. I started looking at the cave with my torch light and then I pointed my light and found that something was glowing from the light far away and I pulled on Adam’s Sleeve and pulled Jack and showed them the thing which was glowing from the light. We didn’t talk because if anyone would hear us we would be in trouble for breaking the rules. I pointed with my finger to show it to them. I hoped to find something extraordinary. I saw that both of them followed me I kept my light on it. When we got near it we realized it was a water shrine. Then we turned to look around for the others but found that there was no one. We quickly ran to the place where we started walking to the different path. This cave is like a labyrinth I thought to myself.We started walking and then I heard water flowing. I f... ... middle of paper ... ... return. take away my playing time and make me talk to the boy scouts and say sorry. It would be really frustrating when I would have to write a huge letter on sorry of what I did. I sat down on my computer and found that Adam and Jack were also home and we skyped each other. We all were happy and it was what I wanted . We kept our adventure as a secrets only we will ever know that there are animals like that. It was fascinating and wonderful and unbelievable so no one will believe us. It was fun having an adventure no one will believe. We planned to tell the world our secret when we grow up to be someone famous and be millionaire for the discovery of strange animals never known to mankind. Now we have something to look forward which is amazing because I was never a big fan of learning now if I even fail in school I will have a plan to be rich. We started playing.

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