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Many images comes to mind when a person thinks of the word sports, such as tennis, golf, basketball, football, baseball, swimming and bowling. Throughout these friendly competitive challenges of skill, fans watch as players do bouncing, hitting, passing, dribbling, throwing, or rolling a ball to knock over pins in order to score points. On the other hand there is a sport that remain where the object is to deliver blows to an opponent’s body or in order to achieve points. In boxing two powerful, strong, men or women, square off and contest in a intelligent punch off to see who will be knocked out first. This sport is boxing, a brutal exchange of jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and other swings that may eventually knock one athlete down to the canvass or even unconscious. Due to the high demand of injuries, short and long term neurological damage, the rules of professional boxing should be changed to Olympic standard rules.

Boxing has been in existence since 3000 B.C. and have evolved from many forms of fighting to this recent type of fighting, a form of entertainment as we know it today. Boxing is considered a skill sport, very dangerous, high ambition, and passion. Professional fighters must have a strong love for the sport. Many people may think that boxing is a somewhat modern sport, but the fact is that boxing is one of the oldest sport in the world. People, approximately six thousand years ago in Egypt used boxing as a way to protect themselves, their families, and their land. Boxing then extended to Ethiopia and finally throughout the Mediterranean area. In 688 B.C. boxing became an Olympic sport. The Romans came up with the invented the boxing ring, rather than using chalk on the ground to mark off an area for fighter to compete. ...

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...e period, and many fans will not enjoy the change of rules for protecting the professional fighters. Precautions for fighters must be established regardless of the fans consent. To lessen the injuries, neurological damage, and deaths occurring from the sport, the professional boxing rules must be changed to those used in Olympic matches. Many people do not like Olympic regulations because fighters are awarded points for precise landing of punches and not for physically trying to draw blood or knock an opponent out. In Olympic boxing, a protective head gear device is worn by boxers which covers most of the head, except the face. The head guard does limit the field of vision for the boxers and the public will not be able to see the complete face of the boxer, but besides seeing more clearly, the number of cuts , bloody nose , swollen eyes and concussions will decrease

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