Box A Move Case Study

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Pablo Medina
Prof. Bachenheimer
01 April 1, 2014

Box A Move
Box A Move is a company founded by Pablo Medina in early 2014. Box A Move rents reusable, interlocking poly urethane moving containers as an alternative to what has been most commonly used over the years; Cardboard. The company’s goal is to save consumers time and money over traditional moving methods by providing a better option overall. The use of recyclable materials is not only environmentally friendly but also cost effective over the standard moving cardboard use. With this, Box A Move is transforming the traditional moving process. Dedicated to aiding movers save time and money with an environmental substitute to cardboard boxes.
Box A Move offers a greatly price point compared to the national average cost of cardboard. Each bow will be rentable for $1.50 for the first week and 50% off the remaining weeks. This is compared to the average cost of cardboard which is $3.00. According to U-Haul international, a cardboard box can be re-used up to 4 times, but the majority of movers do not save them to re-use therefore ending up in landfills across the country. At a competitive price point of approximately half the price of cardboard, Box A Move allows for customers to eliminate the negative impact of cardboard on the environment, and since they are only going to use it for the specific move, they are able to pay much less.
The price of purchasing the Poly urethane storage boxes rages from $7-$10 each and have a minimum use amount of 200 times. For a quantity of 500 regular sized pieces, the price of purchase with logo printing is $9.25 each. So if calculated by the minimum number of uses, the bins price come to almost $.05 each. This is a price which is sub...

... middle of paper ... to themselves. The program will offer a credit system where realtors earn points for clients who the recommend, and in part they can use those credits as a perk when they have a big opportunity that they would like to lock in.
Box A Move is fortunate to fins a market where 20% of the us population is a part of each year; Moving. The opportunity to capture this market and transform it into and eco-friendly process helps everyone in the long run. The waste produced in the United States has more than doubled over the past 30 years, from 88 million tons in 1960 to 236 million tons in 2003. (Energy Information Administration) although cardboard is recyclable, not all Americans discard of it properly and approximately 50% of it does not get recycled. (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) It is something as small as Box A Move that could help society in the future.
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