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Throughout the years, the bow and arrow has greatly changed for the better. The bow parts have changed greatly like the shape, the string, cams (which are the wheels that are on each end of each limb). Also the arrow has changed greatly throughout the years also. The fletchings the shafts the and the materials. finally the history of the bow and arrow has come along way from what it used to be before.
First, the bows shape has changed greatly throughout the years. When the bow was first thought of the shape of the bow was a solid piece of wood with a string attached to it. These bows would not shoot too far. These were made from almost all types of wood. They were whittled down with knives in early egypt. These bows were called self bows and they were almost completely straight until they were strung. The longbow was also a big bow that helped along with the shape of the bow. It was just like its medieval ancestors. Now bows are made of Aluminum carbon and carbon. some are made of just aluminum also. These bows are super light and very easy to create, but they are also very expensive...

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