Bound and bitten

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The torn cover from the latest entertainment magazine lies discarded in the gutters of a busy New York street, dirt covered and barely visible it shows the picture of the newest acting sensation to hit the streets. Raven Queen a virtual unknown until she was discovered three years ago acting in a small town theater in a town so small you couldn't find it on a map.. Elevated from being virtually unknown to being the name on everyones lips, Raven is still living the dream, having gone from living in a ghost town to the bustling city of New York. The first paycheck she received went on a the down payment to her dream house. A black Sedan sits parked across the street from the house of Raven Queen parked in the perfect position to have full view of the pool area of the building, the tinted windows of the car preventing anyone from seeing into the vehicle. It was the third time in a month she had come to New York to observe her daily activities "I know your comings and goings and your times run out." she whispers as she waits in the pool house.. It was five minutes to seven. and sunlight was filtering through the trees, causing the miniature waterfall that spilled into the pool to shimmer and sparkle. She wondered if Raven could sense that she was in danger, did she have an uneasy feeling, perhaps a subconscious urge to skip her swim this morning? Even if she did, it wouldn't do her any good. It was much too late. The sliding doors opened, and Raven stepped onto the patio. twenty one years old, she was infinitely more attractive than she had been even three years ago. Her body tanned and toned from her daily fitness regime, she looked good in the tiny blue bikini. Her shoulder length golden blond hair hid her pale blue eyes and fr... ... middle of paper ... ...your father on my cell phone. You will tell him that you are with friends, that your not sure what your plans are yet, and not to worry about you". "Do you understand that Raven?" Her answer was barely audible "yes" "If you attempt in any way to seek help, you will regret it immensely, understand?" "Y-e-s" "Very well" The phone rang in the Queen household and Mr Mica Queen, Ravens father picked it up, he gasped "Raven, we've all been so worried about you, oh your mother will be happy to hear that you've called, of course I'll pass your love onto her, are you sure you're all right?" She broke the connection "You did that very well, Raven, some stress in your voice but that's natural,, I suppose. Maybe you do have the makings of an actress." She retied the gag over her mouth. "I'll be back eventually. Try to get some sleep, you have my permission to dream about

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