Botnets: The Real Threat

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Abstract─Distantly controlled and managed (by botmaster or botherder) malicious software (called botnets or ‘bot armies’) hidden in large number of computers may cause extraordinary likely damage to the Internet. Botnets can initiate massive coordinated attacks upon Internet resources and its infrastructure devices. The most likely potential uses of botnets are distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, spamming, sniffing traffic, keylogging, installing advertisement addons and google adsense abuse, attacking internet relay chat (IRC) networks, attacking peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, hypertext transport protocol (HTTP) networks, and mass identity theft etc. This research is intended to review and analyze all aspects of well known botnets applications like IRC, P2P, HTTP and miscellaneous category. The study will focus on botnets measuring techniques, botnet behaviour, DDoS technology, botnet modeling, complexity of botnet software, setting up an IRC honeypot on network, and different botnets mitigation techniques and defense approaches against botnets etc. Mainly bots go unnoticed unless the botmaster makes a mistake. Presently, wide-ranging efficient defensive technologies are lacking. As botmasters carry on to improve their capabilities, awareness will be essential in enhancing bot defenses.

The goal of this research is to review all salient research work being done in this domain and present critical review so that efficient mitigation and defensive framework against botnets can be proposed.

Keywords- botnet; IRC botnets; HTTP botnets; P2P botnetse; miscellanious botnets; botmaster; detection; mitigation; defensive framework; threat.


Botnets software is usually installed through all type of attacki...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that botnets pose one of the most severe threats to the internet. bot technology is rapidly developing, supported and backed, by the open-source movement.
  • Introduces sheila banks and martin stytz to the international society for optical engineering (spie).
  • Explains that botnet tracking: exploring a root-cause methodology to prevent distributed denial-of-service attacks.
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