Boston and Zoopolis

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For this week’s post I am going to focus on connecting Boston and relating it with the theory of Zoopolis. I consulted three resources for this post; last Wednesdays lecture about Zoopolis, a blog called “Zoopolis… A Step Beyond New Urbanism” by Mike Ciampa, and an article of Boston Population in 2014. According the lecture delivered by our Teaching Assistant Will, Zoopolis is about animals and the city. The blog “Zoopolis… A Step Beyond New Urbanism” by Mike Ciampa, defined Zoopolis as “a living utopia in which our local species and habitats are integrated into our urban setting.” Zoopolis is related to Boston because urbanization of Boston affects nonhuman animals as well as nonhuman animals affecting the process of urbanization and the urban form. An example of the relationship between Zoopolis and Boston is socio-spatial conflicts. According to the article “Boston Population 2014”, “the city is an international center for medicine and higher learning, and this city of 90 square miles is home to one of the most densely populated regions in the United States. The city had a popul...

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